Since 2013 Association of industrial parks actively engages with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on issues of elaboration and improvement of regulatory frameworks concerning industrial parks.
Denis Zhuravskiy, CEO, Association of industrial parks, is a member of the Strategic Council on investments in new industries supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. AIP representatives are among the members of Interministerial working group on preparation proposals aimed at improving activities in the area of industrial parks, industrial technoparks and industrial clusters.

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Since its establishing Association of industrial parks actively cooperates with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation on the issues of investors relations and industrial parks government support.

AIP experts are the members of expert groups and committees under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

Thus, Boris Sytchev, Head of certification and analytics, is in the Commission on industrial park project evaluation for compliance with conditions for subsidising of industrial parks within government program "Economic development and innovative economy" for 2017 from Association of industrial parks.

Moreover, Maxim Pazdnikov, AIP Cochairman of the Board, is a member of the expert group for examination of requests from Russian regions on issues of activities financing under the government program on SME support by the entities of the Russian Federation.

In 2016 under the program of SME support by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation 17 industrial parks including 13 AIP members - Master, Drozhzhanoe, Aktanysh, Vyatka, Kukmor, Zarechnyy, Fenix, Kizhevatovo, Safonovo,Tomsk, Cheboksary, Tutaev and Rodniki  got 1 104 mln. rubles on the cost reimbursement and construction subsiding  

In 2015 17 industrial parks got 1 424 mln. including 13 AIP members - Avangard, Master, Razvitie, Sokury, Technopolis Chimgrad, KZSK, Vyatka, Novosheshminsk, Fenix, Kizhevatovo, Safonovo, Tomsk, Cheboksary.

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March 15, 2016 a cooperation agreement was signed between Monotown Development Fund and AIP. 

Objectives of the agreement are consolidation efforts of AIP and Fund for the creating of industrial parks in monotowns and collaboration aimed at attracting investors on specially prepared platforms in monotowns. AIP is going to participate in development of project documents for new industrial parks in monotowns. To achieve the goals the Fund and AIP are planning to hold collaborative events, participation of AIP experts in working groups and Fund deliberative bodies as well as mutual  methodological assistance in particular information support of AIP members for access to the Fund financial products.

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Since 2012 AIP collaborates with Sberbank in the field of industrial parks. Among shared objectives there is improving availability of industrial parks funding, improving the quality of project and pre-project preparation of industrial parks in Russia, stimulation of demand on banking products in the sphere of industrial construction, creating new production complexes and chains and modernization of existing ones, development of special financial tools and banking products for industrial parks and their residents.

Within collaboration between AIP and Sberbank special banking product "Industrial park" was developed and launched in 2013 as a part of new industrialization program.

Ekaterina Zinovieva, Sberbank Project manager of industrial and innovative development is AIP the member of AIP Board already for 5 years.

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Industrial Development Fund was established by the Government of the Russian Federation in 2014  at the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in order to modernize Russian industry, to create new interprises and to ensure import substitution.

The Fund grants targeted loans on a competitive basis at the interest rate of 5% per year and up to 7 years in the total volume from 50 to 700 mln. rubles, stimulating flow of direct investments in real sector of economy.

In July 2015 Association of industrial parks and Industrial Development Fund signed a Collaboration agreement. Among shared objectives there is increasing accessibility of financial Fund products for managing companies and residents of industrial parks.

Mechanism for Special Investment Contracts (SPIC)

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On 23 Novembeк 2017, the Association of Industrial Parks and JSC "Special Economic Zones" have signed an official Cooperation Agreement.

The agreement includes collaborative promotion of products and proposals for placing a production in investment communities of Russia and around the World.
JBS «Special Economic Zones» and AIP plan mutual participation in investment events of both sides and implementing joint activities.
Managing companies of industrial and production, port and technical innovation special economic zones in Russia will have an opportunity to take part in this work and get the support of the Association of industrial parks, based on membership. 

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On 23 November 2017 the official Agreement on cooperation between Vnesheconombank's investment company VEB Capital and the Association of Industrial Parks was signed.
The main goal of the cooperation is creation of industrial parks on the basis of assets managed by VEB Capital.

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AIP and the Analytical centre collaborates on the following directions:

  • promotion information about investment potential of industrial parks, members of the Association, and about opportunities of localization of production in them
  • assistance for international investors on the issues of industrial production localization in Russia
  • complex expertise of foreign-trade and external problems and their solutions
The relevant agreement was signed between AIP and Analytical centre under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation during AIP Workshop in November 26, 2014

The Association of Industrial Parks is the official partner of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia AmCham on the basis of the Collaboration agreement . The purpose of the cooperation is to attract the attention of American companies to facilities and services of the members of the Association: industrial parks, special economic zones, regional development corporations, consulting and other service companies.

AmCham brings together more than 500 member companies. The Chamber represents the US business community in Russia with the aim of developing trade and economic relations and implementing joint investment projects.

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National Association of Italian industrialists  Confindustria Italia was established in 1920th and today unites more than 150 000 Italian interprises.
Confindustria Russia , subsidiary of Confindustria Italia, represents interests of its members with the total turnover more than 160 billion euro. Since 2015 Confindustria Italia is AIP partner and orginizes collaborative events aimed at promotion information about industrial parks of Russia in investment communities of Italy and the European Union due to Collaborative agreement.
Confindustria Russia since January 11 ,2016 officially openned membership opportunity for Russian companies.

The agreement with KITA was another step in creating a partnership network in the international investment community. The goal of cooperation is to promote the interests of the Association's members in business communities of World key economies, which demonstrate a high level of interest in localization in Russia.

The Korean International Trade Association was established in 1946 to develop Korean economic ties and today is the largest business association in Korea and units 71,000 companies. Since 2016 AIP together with KITA has been carrying out investment activities. Memorandum on cooperation in the field of support of Russian-Korean investment projects was signed on INNOPROM-2017.

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Japanese Association for the trade with Russia with new independent nations
March 1, 2016 in Tokyo between the Association of industrial parks and Japanese Association for the trade with Russia with new independent nations ROTOBO Collaborative memorandum for Russian and Japanese project support.

Shared objectives:
increasing of Japanese business awareness about economic situation in Russia, Russian potential partners and supportive measures for foreign business;
preparation and promotion of informative materials on Japanese language about industrial parks and advanced special economic zones of Russia and printed editions and Internet sources in Asia;
organization of delegations of Japanese business to Russia;
conducting collaborative events in Russia and Japan.

Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce is AIP partner aimed at supporting Belgian, Luxembourg, and Russian projects, attracting and accompanying of investment projects of Belgian and Luxembourg business in Russia. The agreement was signed on the 10th of March, 2017.
Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce was established in 1974 and today is one of the most powerful bilateral chambers of Belgian entrepreneurs with foreign countries.
Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union is a perspective investor in Russia. Cumulatively, Belgian and Luxembourg business has built 54 plants in Russia.

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Italian-Eurasian Chamber of Commerce

Cooperation between AIP and a chamber of commerce is aimed at informing the Italian business about the opportunities of the Russian market, attracting and supporting investment projects in Russia as part of the market of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The Association for the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce Italy-Eurasia is a private, non-profit making entity, which aims to assist and encourage economic cooperation between Italy and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

Founded in 2015, the Association is closely informed with all the developments in the EEU and has already built a network, which spans business, cultural, and academic organizations operating in the EEU countries.

The Association’s mission is to assist and encourage the development of economic, commercial, technical, legal, scientific, and cultural cooperation between Italian and the EEU member states companies.

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Already several months Association of industrial parks on behalf of all its members helps the families in a need from different Russian regions in purchasing life-saving drugs. Traditionally in December AIP allocates from its budget little fundings that could have been spent on distribution of Christmas cards and souvenirs.

We intentionally reject from greetings because sincerely believe that not having received colourful package from us our friends and partners would not feel ignored as on their behalf assistance for a special person would be provided and his or her chances for recovery would grow. This is the best present for us all! Besides, by common efforts we help to change the World for the better that quite comply with our mission as non-profit organization.