Certification Commission
July 26, 2019 by the decision of the General Meeting of Members of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia for a period of 2 of the yearFrom September 1, 2019 to September 1, 2021
the following composition of the Certification Commission of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia was elected:
Co-chairman of the Board
Advisor on Certification and Analytics
Roman Stroganov
Executive Director, Holding KPI LLC
Alexander Sivaev
Director General, Krasny Yar LLC
Maxim Prachik
Director General, Middle Urals Development Corporation JSC
Andrey Kulichkov
First Deputy Head, Department of the Public Employment Service of the Smolensk Region
Artyom Penzin
Deputy Director General, Republic of Bashkortostan Development Corporation JSC
Egor Kazantsev
Deputy Director General for Development and GR, Ekran Plant JSC
Said Zakirov
Director, Prompark S11 LLC
The composition is approved by the General Meeting of the AIP - Protocol № 13 of July 26, 2019.pdf