Онлайн-конференция «Рост спроса на логистику как новая возможность для индустриальных парков»

Under the influence of the fight against the pandemic, the business of industrial parks, the structure of demand from residents and the price of services are changing.
In the course of earlier discussions at the AIP site, it became clear that even after the economic recovery (which is estimated in the horizon from one to five years), the business structure of the management companies will not be the same.

We invited experts from the warehouse market that are part of the Association to exchange views on changing the structure of demand for industrial areas, to assess whether there are new opportunities in the warehouse segment and, if so, how to use them.

The date:
May 28, 2020, Thursday.
Technical solution: Zoom.


Moderator: Maxim PAZDNIKOV.

Andrey Ivanov - Logoprom;
Evgeny Numerov - Skladman;
Zakhar Valkov - Radius group;
Konstantin Fomichenko - Knight Frank;
Marina Roshchektayeva - PRO-BUSINESS-PARK
LLC "Seslavino";
Questions and answers.

For participation in the Business Program, contact the AIP Directorate:
Denis Zhuravsky, Executive Director of AIP Russia,;
Maxim Pazdnikov, Co-Chairman of the Board of AIP of Russia,

For organizational matters:
Julia ILINA, Communications Manager, AIP Russia,,
Tel .: +7 495 477 45 68, +7 903 554 48 49.

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