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The service is provided free of charge for production companies from Russia and around the world

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We are interested to draw your attention to the sites of the AIP members.

Therefore, we provide the service for the preliminary selecuon of the site:

- free of charge for manufacturing companies from Russia and foreign countries

- objectively (you make your choice on the basis of maximum coverage)

- transparently (you are involved in the process)

How it works

1 You provide us with technical and other parameters for the site

- more details you submit, the more qualitative offers you will get;

- we are happy to advise you on the description of the parameters and provide a form to fill.

2 we send the request directly to all sites

3 industrial parks return with commercial offers.

At your choice, we can refer the flow of offers directly to you from the designated geography (for example, the whole of Russia or only the South regions or only Moscow and Moscow region). Also we are ready to consolidate neutrally all proposals and send them to you, so that you can unilaterally contact them at your choice.

In order to start the process you need to answer the following quesTons:

1) Do you agree to send a request with your technical parameters to industrial parks?

2) Do you wish to indicate your contacts in the request? And if so, please indicate the contact person, email and phone number.

3) Should we mention the name of your company in the request or make it anonymous?

4) What kind of audience would you like to cover:

- only AIP members (130 companies from 46 regions)

- AIP members + partners, AIP website visitors and recipients of AIP mailings (~ 4 000 organizakons)

You are welcome to contact AIP!

please Send your request to