5th of October, 14.00-15.30, Conference «Doing business in Russia: industrial sites and infrastructure projects»

Conference «Doing business in Russia: industrial sites and infrastructure projects»

Date: 5th of October, 14.00-15.30

Place: C12 Hall C1 Northern Part

Key discussion issues:
- How is Russia perceived by foreign manufacturers with little, no or a bad experience with doing
business with/in Russia
- Facts & Figures on Russia / CIS. Opportunities of the Russian market. The Challenges of
producing in Russia
- Solutions from the Government and NGO
- Solutions from Business
- Case Studies or/and Sharing experiences with German partners
- Q&A Session

Available format for speakers:
- Participation in general discussion (3-5 minutes), answers for the questions from moderators.
- Maximum 8 speakers. Preliminary signup required.
- If you want to make the presentation on one of the key discussion points above, please, contact
Katerina Norkina at enorkina@industrialparks.ru.
- Language: English or German

Maxim Ivanov, Chairman of AoIP
Irina Schiwon, Vice-President of ASSMANN Beraten+Planen OOO

Association of industrial parks of Russia and ASSMANN Beraten+Planen OOO

50 people maximum. Representative of Russian and international companies operating in the field of
industrial development, investment, construction and consulting.

If you have any questions on the following conference, please, contact Katerina Norkina, Communications Director of AoIP at e-mail: enorkina@industrialparks.ru or by mob.: +7 (926)5894432.